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We’re excited to announce that the SFU Directory [Beta] is now live and ready for your submissions. Visit to list your practice. This directory is exclusively for SFU members!

Since we are in beta mode, if you come across any trouble or bugs, please send a message to and describe your issue with as much detail as possible (with screenshots if possible) so we can continue to fine-tune the directory.

Hope you all enjoy this new feature!


  1. Jon Newcomb

    I registered, then attempted to login. The site did not allow me to login. I used the password reset link several times but never received the email link to reset my password. Please instruct how I can utilize this site.

  2. Ronald M Allen

    Thank you Dr. Connie for opening up your community and providing access to a smörgåsbord of valuable and timely information. As a Life Coach I have been studying your material for sometime now. I have managed to apply many of the 101 Solution Focused Questions in my work. They arrest the attention of my clients and gain, I believe, a more favorable direction in sessions. Your video files are very helpful to hear and feel the interaction with your clients.
    I look forward to meeting you in the future and sharing a thought or two about life’s challenges. Sincerely, Ronald


    Hello Dr. Connie, I’m Linda from Florida now doing substance abuse treatment for Clarity in Chaing Mai, Thailand. We are temporarily shut down and started “Clarity at Home” telehealth. First time for me. We agreed we (3 therapists) were going to use SFBT 99% of the time. Ready to get started. We did the 6hour course 2weeks ago.
    Warm regards, Linda Milewski LCSW LCAS ICAP

    1. Anna Francis

      Hey Linda, I would recommend asking all the questions you have in the facebook group. There is always someone around who can offer wonderful comments, guidance and perspective. Also I recommend joining Elliott’s live coaching call which is next dated May 25th 2:30pm Central Time. The content for the month of February 2020 “Diamond’ has a great breakdown.

  4. wintersa1973

    I am currently a student working toward my Masters in MHC. I have been truly enjoying the resources available within the community. However, im having trouble finding information on when and how to end therapy. I understand that discussing the outcome of therapy and that it is not a forever thing is important but can’t find much information about it. Could anyone point me in a direction of this information

    1. Anna Francis

      Hi there, I would recommend listening to the Feb 2020 content which breaks down the Diamond. There is a lecture there dedicated to ending a session.


    I couldnt choose the correct timezone. Pacific Standard time was not an option neither were cities in California, USA

  6. Grace Boakye-Agyeman

    I am glad to join this group and I look forward to connecting with you all as we learn from Elliot and his team.
    Thank you for the good work, SFU. My practice is better and I love what i do more because of the help I received from you.

  7. Britt Elizabeth Verstegen

    Hello, All! I had to synthesize what I learned at the conference and submit it to one of my graduate classes. Upon further reflection, I know the SFBT approach will be my primary orientation. I was deeply struck by how profoundly the Connie-Froerer Diamond respects the right of the client to autonomy and self-determination. After reading my lengthy post about the conference, one of my classmates asked me, “But you are neglecting the client when you don’t go over their goals or assign homework at the end of the session.” I responded, “In the Diamond, the closing assumes that change has happened. The client’s right to autonomy is honored. As a counselor, I assume they will make whatever changes are necessary for themselves. It is not my job.” My classmate went on arguing after that but I felt great contentment. Trusting clients to author their own story? What a concept! I believe every human being has unique strengths and faculties and an inner superhero desperately needed in the world. I am so thrilled to be a part of revealing these attributes.

    1. Anna Francis

      That is so awesome Britt! I love those discussions with others who think its our job as helping professionals to asssess and assign. Awesome job at explaining our SF position to your classmate!

  8. Kathleen Wilson-Parish

    I am so looking forward to connecting with a SFBT community and learning more of how to become proficient with this technique. Hats off to Elliott Connie my new hero.

  9. wlinlcpc

    Hi, just joined and very excited to continue to perfect my skills. I want to make sure I set time aside for the monthly case consults with Adam. Does anyone know how long each session lasts?

    1. Anna Francis

      Hi there, you’ll find the schedule for 2021 in the top menu bar ‘Live Call Schedule’. That has all 4 events schedules. Adam’s Case Consultancy is 60minutes.

  10. J2archer

    Looking forward to utilizing this service. Did I see that 1:1 coaching was available through Elliot?

    1. Anna Francis

      Hi Joshua, the Coaching Call with Elliott is in a group setting. It’s the 4th Monday of each month at 2:30pm central time. You’ll find the schedule above ‘Live Call Schedule’. :). They are all recorded and added with each months content.

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